Pollution Prevention Project Fellowship

Plastic pollution is a threat to biodiversity and human health. Diverse and effective solutions to this issue are needed, and should include source-reduction, improved and more sustainable waste management, and cleanup. We combine innovative prevention strategies and case studies with empirical research and knowledge transfer/mobilization to policy makers and managers.

Fellows will have a passion to reduce plastic pollution and a creative idea to lead their own Pollution Prevention Project on any source of plastic pollution (e.g., construction foam, cigarette butts, textile waste, leakage from garbage bins).

2023 Call for Proposals

This program supports one fellow annually. Calls for applications begin in February each year with fellows beginning as early as May.

Review the full position details and include the following when submitting your proposal:

  1. A short cover letter describing why you would like this position and why you are qualified for it.
  2. A two-page proposal that includes background on the problem (i.e., source), proposed solution, action plan, any preliminary data if relevant, and a budget.
  3. Your CV or resume, including the contact information of two references.

Deadline to submit: Send completed proposals to Dr. Chelsea Rochman at chelsea.rochman@utoronto.ca by Monday April 3, 2023.

Past Fellows

This is the first year of the formalized fellowship. An initial pilot was run in 2022-2023, provided to Eden Hataley for a project focused on plastic pre-production pellets.

This fellowship is supported by Community Matters Toronto and Juanne Clarke.

Community Matters Toronto is a registered charity supporting local initiatives in St. James Town and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Focused originally on grassroots community development, they have gradually pivoted to direct resources and efforts using a similar approach in meeting the climate emergency confronting us today. Juanne Clarke is a friend of Community Matters Toronto.