Waste Reduction Tips

Would you like to reduce waste but don’t know where to start? Our waste reduction tips help people learn about their local waste management and use materials following our solutions hierarchy (adapted from the waste hierarchy). This means refusing or reducing the materials you use first, reusing your materials second, and then recycling materials third. The bottom of the hierarchy is the landfill, which is the least desired outcome for your materials if they become waste.

Explore our waste reduction tips and learn how to reduce your own personal waste footprint locally to help reduce waste globally.

Trash Team Tips and Tutorials

4-Week Challenge

Take our 4-week challenge to help reduce waste at home. This activity is perfect for families with kids looking for fun and creative activities but is suitable for all ages!

Each week you’ll complete activities related to our Solutions Hierarchy with a focus on Refuse, Reduce and Reuse.

Once you have successfully completed the challenge, you can be certified by the Official Raccoon- U of T Trash Team Representative. Keep up the amazing work!