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We host and participate in a variety of events, from community cleanups, eco-fairs, public presentations and everything in-between. 

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Science Literacy Week: Ecofriendly Swaps for Plastic

Join Samantha Santoro this Science Literacy Week to learn more about single-use plastic and its impact on our watersheds, how to reduce your own plastic usage in your day-to-daye routines with some ecofriendly swaps, and more about the University of Toronto Trash Team. Samantha is a graduate and former research student from the University ofContinue reading "Science Literacy Week: Ecofriendly Swaps for Plastic"

Climate – The Plastic Lake: Fighting Plastic Pollution in Lake Ontario

Without a question, we're drowning in plastic, and it's not just the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that we have to worry about. According to the Plastic Lakes Project, 22 million pounds of plastic enters the Great Lakes every year. Of that unbelievable amount of pollution, three million pounds of plastic ends up in Lake Ontario annually.  In thisContinue reading "Climate – The Plastic Lake: Fighting Plastic Pollution in Lake Ontario"

Tagging Trash in the Toronto Harbour

Floating litter… where does it go? How does it end up on our local beaches, slips and docks? Why does it accumulate in certain areas and not others? As part of our Fighting Floatables Initiative, the Tagging Trash Project aims to answer these questions. Join the University of Toronto Trash Team and collaborators to learn more about the TaggingContinue reading "Tagging Trash in the Toronto Harbour"

November Speaker Series with Cassandra Sherlock

Hear more about our Fighting Floatables initiative in the Toronto Harbour this Thursday at 7 pm EST, with a presentation by researcher and Master's Student Cassandra Sherlock. Hosted by Spadina-Fort York Greens

Science Rendezvous

Microplastic Scientist for a Day! Participants will explore and learn about the sources and fate of microplastics in our watershed and explore potential solutions to plastic pollution. Learn how researchers inContinue reading "Science Rendezvous"

Sea(Bin) Dive!

Marina Quay West 539 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Join PortsToronto and the U of T Trash Team for a free (Sea)Bin Dive at Marina Quay West! Since 2019, the Toronto Harbour has been home to trash trapping devicesContinue reading "Sea(Bin) Dive!"