Join our team in the community!

We host and participate in a variety of events, from community cleanups, eco-fairs, public presentations and everything in-between. 

Interested in bringing the U of T Trash Team to your next event? Contact us.

Let’s Talk Lake Ontario

Learn about the state of the lake & what communities can do to improve the health of the lake. Presentation by Cassandra Sherlock. 

Conservation Conversations

Trash in our waterways continues to be a big problem globally. Join Cassandra Sherlock for a conversation about how our trash impacts ecosystems, her research on microplastics and what you can do to help.

Earth Day Panel at KSR

Online Toronto, Ontario

Learn about research and on-the-ground work done by U of T and KSR personnel. Presentation on U of T Trash Team's waste literacy programs by Susan Debreceni.

Earth Day Celebration

In celebration of Earth Day, join our team for eco-friendly activities and tips on how to be more sustainable. Presentation by Su’aad Juman-Yassin and Marcia Pedroza.

Science Rendezvous

Learn about plastics and how to identify microplastics. Interactive activities with Hayley McIlwraith, Marcia Pedroza and Jan Bikker.

Tagging Trash in Lake Ontario

Have you seen the special orange water bottles floating around the Toronto Harbour? The University of Toronto Trash Team is studying GPS-tracked water bottles into the harbour to uncover where trash ends up along our waterfront and lake. This helps to find better solutions to our litter problem. Learn about our Fighting Floatables initiative that examines theContinue reading "Tagging Trash in Lake Ontario"

Plastic Pollution, Toxicity, and Policy Change

A public dialogue between activists, scholars, scientists, and policy experts tackling the issues at the forefront of plastics pollution policy. The panel will focus on activating resistance to mechanisms of petro-chemical pollution affecting human health and ecosystems. The known and unknown effects of plastic as a matrix for chemical accumulation, the dangers of its circulationContinue reading "Plastic Pollution, Toxicity, and Policy Change"

Urban Litter Challenge (Socially Distanced Edition)

Celebrate the International Coastal Cleanup with the U of T Trash Team by joining one of our community cleanups. Hosted in neighbourhoods in and around the Toronto area, we'll prevent litter in our watershed from entering Lake Ontario and its connected tributaries! Volunteers will collect data on type and amount of litter collected, which contributesContinue reading "Urban Litter Challenge (Socially Distanced Edition)"

Science Literacy Week: Ecofriendly Swaps for Plastic

Join Samantha Santoro this Science Literacy Week to learn more about single-use plastic and its impact on our watersheds, how to reduce your own plastic usage in your day-to-daye routines with some ecofriendly swaps, and more about the University of Toronto Trash Team. Samantha is a graduate and former research student from the University ofContinue reading "Science Literacy Week: Ecofriendly Swaps for Plastic"