Join our team in the community!

We host and participate in a variety of events, from community cleanups, eco-fairs, public presentations and everything in-between. 

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Home Waste Audit

Start the new year with our team during our 4-week home waste audit, including 2 webinars (Tues January 11 and Tuesday February 23 at 7 pm).

What are Microplastics?

Have you heard about microplastics but aren’t quite sure what they are? Ever wondered just how large the plastic pollution problem is and what we can do to help? Join Alice (Xia) Zhu as you learn out more about what microplastics are, where they come from, how they impact the environment, and some of the waysContinue reading "What are Microplastics?"

How to do a Home Waste Audit

Overwhelmed by plastic waste? Join Caitie Ciampaglia and learn how to conduct your own home waste audit to begin your low waste journey. You’ll also learn tips and tricks to get you started so reducing waste doesn’t feel so overwhelming!

How to do a Home Waste Audit

How can we reduce the amount of waste we produce? Joinus for a presentation on waste! We will be discussing thedifferent kinds of waste and practical ways to audit thewaste in your own home. Presentation by Anusha Srinivasan.